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Please Read before Booking

Terms & Conditions


Children 1 and over  £7*

Babies under   £1

Adults  £1

* Special offer- Term time - Mon and Tue - 9.30 and 12.30 sessions- Children aged 1 -4 are £3



  • Each table holds a maximum of 5 (Adults + children).

  • Book your table then access all areas of Cheeky Monkeys available that day

  • You are paying a non refundable table deposit, this comes off entry fee on arrival 


● Everyone visiting us needs to book a table, regardless of whether you sit at the table or not.  customers love it as it guarantees a table, we love it as we can control busy sessions, book out sessions for private events and close the playcentre if no one is booked on during quiet periods.

●Once in you can then use all areas available that day (Including Monkey Island when open).  This is not a separate booked area, you still need to book a table to access our pool area.

●We are unable to offer any discounts or accept any form of free entry vouchers.

● Online pre-booking essential.  Please do not ring to book or message us.  All available times and dates are online, if you cannot see the date you want, it will be fully booked. Please make sure you select the correct category- we have a school time category and an afterschool, weekend/ school holiday category.

● Each session lasts 2.5 hours. We need to shut promptly at the end of each session. You can arrive at any time during the session, if reception is not manned, ring the doorbell.

● We will require a non-refundable table deposit to reserve your table space for your booking.  The remaining balance (calculated from the entrance fees above) will be payable on arrival.

● The table booking fee is NON REFUNDABLE or NON TRANSFERABLE.  Please double check your booking the correct slot upon booking, we cannot rectify errors. 

● Each booking is limited to a maximum of 5 people (This is a total number of heads- babies+adults+children over 1).  If there are more people, you will need to book another table.

● Please note: unfortunately, due to the limited seats available, we cannot offer any refunds if your transaction happens to be of a lower amount than the online payment paid.

Safety information

● Please familiarise yourselves with our Rules of Play at Cheeky Monkeys found in the Information pages on this website.  

●Remember the responsibility of the children lies directly with the parent/carer.

● Don't bring sharp objects or anything that can cause harm to children into our play area.

●Report all accidents to a member of staff

●Swimwear/ swim nappies are required if using the pool.

●Don't bring your children if they are unwell.

●Do not bring your own food into Cheeky Monkeys.  We have a large menu with hot and cold food options.  Please do not take food down to our pool area.

By clicking the buttons below and proceeding with the payment, you are confirming that you have read all of our terms and conditions above.

Pay a table deposit
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